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Since pioneering Liquid Metal Infiltration coatings over 30 years ago, the leadership of LODA Technologies has been recognized as an innovator and industry leader in wear coating technologies. 

Leveraging on our past, LODA Mud Motor Bearings was launched in 2020 on a coating technology platform specifically designed for Mud Motor Bearing protection. 

The combination of advanced Materials Engineering and decades of product knowledge coming together to enhance the performance of your downhole tooling. 



Year Established


Years of Experience


Single Focus


Reliability and Performance. The demands of oil and gas exploration require both. Working in concert with our customers, LODA Mud Motor Bearings has developed a technology platform that allows for the design and manufacture of mud motor bearings with a range of performance specifications. The result; two mud motor bearing options that span the breadth of wear performance requirements. 


LODA Matrix™

Our Matrix™ mud motor bearing has been the standard bearer for compound wear and corrosion protection for over three decades. LODA has continued to push the boundaries on this technology through materials engineering and innovative process improvements. The result is our next generation LODA Matrix™ bearing with wear performance that exceeds all previous generations. 


LODA Tile™

Harsher downhole conditions continue to drive technology and innovation. To meet these challenges, LODA is pleased to announce the newest addition to their product envelope, the LODA Tile™ mud motor bearing. LODA Tile™ bearings are designed with optimized spacing and placement of the wear tiles for enhanced performance and value. 



What differentiates LODA technology from our competitors? 
See the difference

At the core of all LODA Mud Motor Bearing products is a common technology architecture – Liquid Metal Infiltration. Over the last three decades, LODA has continued to improve on this technology. One example is our use of innovative particle-packing computer programs which guide in the selection of raw material sizes to achieve maximum carbide loading and wear resistance. 

Product Evolution 

It’s essential to not only recognize the current needs of our customers, but to also identify how future product development might enhance the performance of their downhole tooling. LODA’s response to that challenge – the LODA Tile™ mud motor bearing. 

LODA Tile™ Key Characteristics 
100% Metallurgical Bond 

Our proprietary application and Liquid Metal Infiltration processes allow our technicians to apply multiple tile sets to the bearing surface at one time. A complete bond encapsulation of the carbide tile exceeding 70,000 psi not only eliminates disbond, but also improves heat transfer through the tile and the occurrence of heat checking and cracking. 

Dense Tungsten Carbide Matrix 

Our extremely dense, uniform tungsten carbide matrix between each tile eliminates premature joint erosion and tile loss. 

High Mechanical Strength 

High, non-uniform heating and cooling processes used by other manufacturers significantly reduce the mechanical 

strength of the bearing. LODA Tile™ bearings can be heat treated after coating to restore the original mechanical properties of the underlying substrate. 






Mike Speckert is an engineering professional with more than 30 years of experience in Product & Process Development utilizing his expertise in the fields of Powder Metallurgy and Composite Coatings technologies. He has held senior-level positions as General Manager and Vice President of Dyna Drill Technologies and was the founder/owner of two companies; Intellifuse Coating Technologies and LODA Technologies.




Mr. Delpassand has worked in manufacturing and supply for the Oil and Gas industry for over 28 years. He has held several senior management positions during his tenure including, Vice President and Partner at Spira Systems, President and partner of Ascent Coatings, Managing partner of Intellifuse Coating, Vice President at DynaDrill Technologies and Vice President and Director of Engineering at Robbins and Myers 


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